Wedding & Renewal of Vows

As the saying goes “Marriages are made in Heaven” but we help you celebrate them on Earth in a heavenly manner. Getting married according to Indian traditions involves many fascinating and exciting features. Picture this... a procession with dancers and drummers in colorful clothes, wedding singers, red carpets, an elaborately decorated stage, vibrantly adorned elephants (or a horse-drawn chariot) on which your partner arrives at the location, fireworks, a warm welcome for attending friends and family... the list is as exciting as it is endless. Indian weddings are known for their glamour, flamboyance and fanfare. Our Experience Designers will create the magic of an Indian wedding for you; a dream journey that will be engraved in your minds for times immemorial.

Whether your marriage is fresh in your mind or is an ageless passion that has withstood the test of time, let us recreate the romance for you with the renewal of vows - traditional rituals, live musical recitals in serene settings, flowers and fragrance, a great way to celebrate and strengthen your relationship. A ceremony to reckon, an Experience to Love!
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