Textiles & Tribes

Indian textiles are based on India's intricate social structure and a lifestyle based on rituals, ceremonies, music and festivals. Discover the tribes that have preserved their distinct way of life in small isolated communities as you go along. Our Textile tours create a rich weave that reflects India as a land of acumen, charm and passion providing a kaleidoscope to the world's most ancient civilization. From the rich brocades of Benares to the jewel like mirror work of Gujarat; from block prints to tie and dye fabrics of Rajasthan; from phulkari embroidery in Punjab to chikan work in Lucknow; from rich Kanjeevarams in the South to Ikat from Orissa; from the tribal warrior blankets of Nagaland to Batiks; from pashminas to tribal rugs from nomads in Kashmir. Undertake this truly inspiring sojourn and witness the hidden techniques of the master weavers and embroiders that has been handed down through generations.
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