India is a shopper’s paradise, one of the most fascinating blends of choices. Our experts can walk you through the flea markets, colorful bazaars, handicraft lanes and hidden shops, where you can bargain till you drop dead. Whether you crave modern malls, fantasize about Indian designer boutiques, international brands, traditional emporiums or factories, it is all wrapped at one destination. Everything is possible- tailor make a suit or dress to size; order a bed spread, quilt, table cover or cushion to your patterns and specifications; commission a traditional piece of jewelry for your partner or ask the weavers to put together a carpet of your dreams. Glimpse and purchase antiques, tribal arts, miniature paintings, sculptures, spices, tea… the list is endless. All you must have is VISA (both kinds), some money for the inevitable street shopping and leave room to take it home (OR we can ship it for you). Let us weave a bag full of shopping experience for you, an Experience to Love!
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