India and its neighbors are our passion and sole focus of specialization. Our company understands the Indian region in great depth and we know how to make a good India Experience an Experience to Love!


pinkEscapes caters to the LGBT community world over. We carefully select Gay and Gay-friendly establishments and individuals, to showcase destinations and interweave pink adventures to make your journey a comprehensive experience. Our endeavor is to make your interactions stimulating, edifying, and enlightening to provide a well-rounded enjoyable learning experience that you will value forever!


All travel experiences are custom-made for singles, couples or a set of friends travelling together, based on their travel preference and interests. We know how to distinguish between travel and experience, and that is where we bring in the difference. Bespoke travel is not just a part of our business; it is all our business.

However, our promotions bring together a rare collection of small-group or fixed-departure experiences, to show the fairs and festivals of India; Diwali--the festival of lights, Holi--the festival of colors and Pushkar Fair--the world's largest camel and livestock fair. It is on these occasions that you rejoice in being with your friends and make new friends. The Special Promotions enable lovers of culture to discuss with us the creation of a custom-made experience during these periods.


We have expertise and connections to manage the highest end of the market. In case you prefer to stay in the most opulent accommodations, want a Jet Escape or desire the very best of everything, please see our ‘Ultra Luxury’ and ‘Our Difference’ sections for more information on the experiences and services we can provide — the sky is the limit.

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