Private Cruises

Kerala is famous for the breathtaking beauty of its backwaters. An intricate system of interconnected waterways, rivers, lakes and inlets, the backwaters run parallel to the Arabian Sea and offer rare scenic beauty. Palm and coconut trees line the interconnected waterways along which lie cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, small towns and villages with churches, mosques, temples and schools.

As your houseboat winds its way along spectacular waterways you will be able to witness a way of life that is beautiful, laid-back and where nature abounds. Voted among the world’s best travel experiences, don’t miss a Kerala Houseboat Cruise. pinkEscapes offers a splendid range of private backwater cruises set in style, with Private Chefs and Butlers on board to lay out a Royal Experience for you. Enjoy a Rejuvenating Massage on the deck or submerge in an aggressive Jacuzzi filled with rose petals, an Experience to Love!


Floating in splendid isolation in the middle of the Bay of Bengal are the Andaman Islands, these 300 or so islands are the highest peaks of a submerged mountain range. There is a live volcano, thousands of square miles of untouched jungle, exotic and thriving wildlife and primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. The Andaman’s snorkeling and scuba diving is amongst the best in the world, and it is also starting to develop a superb reputation as a surfing destination.

pinkEscapes can pair you with the ideal Yacht for your travel to these Indian Islands. We work with the very best operators, and have access to the finest vessels plying along the Bay of Bengal to Andaman. The yachts are available for charter for a week upwards and can accommodate up to 10 guests, customizable to your passion and requirements in terms of Cuisine, SPA, Adventure Activities and more.
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