Luxury Trains

Luxury rail journeys have come a long way in India since the introduction of ‘Palace on Wheels’ train in 1982. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of luxurious trains offering extravagant journeys across select destinations and regions for an enchanting Indian holiday. Experiences offered by Indian Luxury trains are the talk of luxury travel circuits around the world. You travel in the comfort of your Suite or Room over night and explore the wonderful heritage of destinations you go by during the day. A memorable experience awaits you!


The five rail networks - the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the Kangra valley Railway, the Kalka Shimla Railway, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, the Matheran Light Railway - were designed and constructed mainly in the last century. Besides serving their basic purpose, they are also a treat for the passengers as they pass through a very beautiful terrain. The visual treat on the way and the experience of being on a hill train will leave a lasting impression on you. Three of the five Mountain Railways of India enjoy World Heritage UNESCO recognition as being, "outstanding examples of bold, ingenious engineering solutions for the problem of establishing an effective rail link through a rugged, mountainous terrain." For your vacation to India, embark on a hill train, in the luxury of a private saloon with your personal staff to look after you.
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