Exceptional Experiences
We specialize in creating unmatched, one-of-a-kind experiences. The selection is thrilling as it is endless:
  • Social gatherings in an urban setting to experience how forward city folks are in welcoming Gay community
  • Enjoying puppet shows, dance and music based on folklore or traditional music in natural settings
  • Invitations to well-known social clubs for hospitality and insightful lifestyle experiences
  • Cooking from scratch—from tours of spice and vegetable markets to the table
  • Invitation to the typically traditional home of an historian for a cocktail
  • Attendance at or participation in a dream Indian wedding ceremony
  • Private sessions on religion and spirituality with learned masters
  • Meeting a painter, sculptor or muralist to execute your dreams
  • Getting an insight into the challenges of being a Gay royal
  • Magical theme dinners at several equally magical venues
  • Contribute services for a few hours or days at an NGO
  • Visit a SPA to get an Indian deep tissue massage
  • Appointment with a palmist or an astrologer
  • Tasting signature menus by celebrity chefs
  • Savoring regional cuisines and specialties
  • Be part of an exquisite Chef’s Table
  • Formal dinners with royal families
  • Sky ballooning and aerial tours
  • Champagne breakfast in bed
  • Elephant polo with lunch
  • Romantic jet escapes
  • Tattoos and piercing
  • Henna ceremonies
  • Jungle safaris
We design one-off activities, such as visits to famous artists, doctors, musicians, architects, lawyers, authors, exporters, socialites and other important people during your journey, based on your hobbies and passions. We are able to do this because:
  • We have many close and highly influential friends
  • We take on only a small number of clients
  • We spend a considerable amount of time on each of our clients
  • Our clients are remarkable people, so our (equally remarkable) friends are very keen to meet them
Here are some examples:
  • Receive invitations from renowned art collectors / gallery owners in international art circles
  • Dine at the private farm of a social celebrity to experience Indian hospitality at its best
  • Get invited to an evening in the home of an internationally famous jewelry maker
  • Spend a night, as a friend, with a royal family in their palace or royal home
  • Meet an antique collector and dealer
  • Meet the most famous cartoonist
At pinkEscapes, we introduce you to a wide range of people from all walks of life - from monks to maharajas, nomads to nobility, and farmers to financiers. And as exciting as it is to dine with royalty in their palaces, it is often the time spent in tribal homes, schools and monasteries that is ultimately the most uplifting and enlightening.

To make your holiday an Exhilarating Experience, book with us!
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