It is said you can eat more varieties of cuisine in India than the rest of the world together! The delicious Indian recipes, as rich and diverse as its civilization, have been passed on through generations by word of mouth. The range varies from region to region, from the taste, to the color, texture and aroma. Our Cuisine & Culture journeys feature celebrity chefs, regional delicacies and Asian fare that could leave you asking for more. Not only do you dine and imbibe extremely well but also learn about aspects of food creation and cooking. You undertake visits to interesting markets (spice & vegetable), private homes and the best restaurants, making the journey a gastronome’s delight!

Enjoy a delectable array of fusion foods on this culinary journey. Fusion cuisine has taken root here in the past few years and the ambassador for this movement is Suvir Saran, one of India's most celebrated chefs. He opened Devi in New York City to rave reviews. From the source to the plate - Go fishing with a Goan fisherman in a seaside village, and then return to his home for a cooking demo and a meal with his family. Meet a plantation owner in famed Darjeeling, who creates a special blend of tea just for you. A sumptuous experience awaits you, an Experience to Love!
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